San Juan

San Juan is a magnificent area for its natural environments landscapes and mountain range. Making it, the best place to develop different outdoor activities. Also its well known for its vineyards and wine vaults. Daily you may visit guided tours to the most important wine vaults, tasting the most refined and exquisite wines of the region.

The city has the most important museums are kept and preserved dinosaurs fossils found out in Ischigualasto (the most ancient samples).

During the night the tourist may enjoy nightlife, visiting different folkloric concerts, pubs, restaurants and cultural centres.


Our touristic proposal

Zonda Hostel offers a big variety of excursions packages concerned with adventure tourism, included trekking around innumerable settings of the Andean range mountains, rock climbing in natural climbing sites and rafting also in San Juan river. We also organize excursion of mountain bike through different routes of the zone. The outings are scheduled for one day or ½ guided by the far most experienced guides.

Of course our touristic package wouldn't be complete, if we didn't have our excursion to the famous Ischigualasto park, our mainly and more attractive touristic resort, and the best choice required by the tourists.

We also provide with ascents to the Andean mountain range and wind-car through La Pampa del Leoncito, or wind surfing in Cuesta del Viento lake.